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Bug fixes this week

2014 April 14
by Neera Agarwal

We have launched fixes for two bugs this weekend.

  • Total Spent Hours in the footer of many grids was not refreshed automatically when user updated Spent Hours for a task or defect. This was happening for the projects with Timesheet feature turned on. The impacted pages were Track>>Tasks, Track>>Defects, Iteration>>Items>>Tasks and User Story>>Tasks. This issue has been fixed.
  • On User Story>>Items page, last three fields in the Defect grid were not displaying in the correct columns. They were shifted by one column towards the right. This issue is now fixed and launched.

We are working on improving the usability for Sprint backlog and tasks management. Stay tuned for more release news next week.

AgileWrap IE issues fixed

2014 April 7
by Neera Agarwal

We are happy to announce that AgileWrap is now supporting latest versions of IE browser. All the issues reported for IE 9, 10, 11 are fixed and launched. Please make sure to clear browser cache before using AgileWrap.

Please feel free to send your feedback.

Improvements in Tasks and Defects views released

2014 March 23
by Neera Agarwal

We have released many more features in AgileWrap this weekend. Hope these features will help you run your agile projects much more effectively in  AgileWrap.

1. New features on Track>>Defects page

  • Non-Accepted defects view available– You can now view defects that are not yet Accepted by selecting ‘Non-Accepted Defects’ entry on View. These are the defects that are either open (status as New, In Progress and Re-open) or are in To Verify state.
Non-Accepted defects with Est. Points

Non-Accepted defects with Est. Points


  • Estimated Points available on Defects page –We have added a new field Estimated Points in the grid on Track>>Defects page. You can view and edit estimated points for multiple defects in one place.
    We have also removed three fields from the grid: Environment, Resolved In and Resolution. The reason to remove these fields is that they are mostly used at individual defect level. You can view and edit these three fields on Defect Detail page.
  • Enhanced excel report for Defects – When you apply ‘column filters’ in the grid on Track>>Defects page, you can view defects meeting (multiple) columns filtering criteria. You can now create an excel report with the same filtered list of defects as you see on the screen by clicking Export link on top right.
Excel Report for Defects with Column Filters

Excel Report for Defects with Column Filters


2. New features on Track>>Tasks page

  • Non-Accepted Tasks view available– You can now view tasks that are not yet ‘Accepted’ by selecting ‘Non-Accepted Tasks’ entry on View. These are the tasks that are either open or To Verify.

Non-Accepted tasks view

  • Enhanced excel report for Tasks – You can now create an excel report for the filtered tasks when you apply ‘column filters’ in the grid on Track>>Defects page. Use Export link on top right to create the excel report.

3. Company Name is editable

  • You can now change your company name in AgileWrap tool. You can do so on Setup>>Personalize page.

4. Project Name left aligned on pop ups

  • We have left-aligned project name (below title) in the pop ups for adding and editing user story, task, defect, iteration and release for better usability.

5. Reviewer is set same as the Reporter

  • AgileWrap will set Reviewer Name for a task/defect same as the person who has created that task/defect by default. You can change Reviewer name any time by editing the task or defect.

Stay tuned for more features in the upcoming weeks.

Usability Improvements in AgileWrap

2014 March 9
by Neera Agarwal

We have addressed usability improvements in AgileWrap release this weekend.

Hovering over top-level menu enabled

1. Now you can view second-level menu entries when you hover over the top level menu. So you do not need to ‘click’ on a top-level menu item in order to view all the second level menu entries belonging to it. This was a popular feature request from our customers.

AgileWrap menu






View Backlog items with same ‘Group By’ criteria upon revisit

2. Now you can view product backlog, iteration backlog and release backlog items ‘grouped by’ the last criteria used upon revisiting the pages. This feature is implemented on the following pages:

  • Group By entry is now saved on Plan>>Backlog page. 
  • Group By entry is now saved for the grid on Track>>Iteration>>Items page.
  • Group By entry is now saved for the grid on Track>>Release>>Items page.
Product Backlog

Product Backlog

Iteration Backlog – View items by the priority in the order of importance

3. When you sort iteration backlog items by Priority on Track>>Iteration>Items tab, you can now view items by the order of importance of priority (not alphabetically sorted).

We will be releasing more usability improvements in next few weeks.

AgileWrap Rest API Enhancements

2014 March 4
by Neera Agarwal

A new web service is now available for AgileWrap. This web service will allow you to get listing of all the top level user stories for a project.


Method: Get


  • project_id: Id of the project for which you want top level stories
  • Response format (optional) : json or xml. Default value is json.

Sample Usage

1. List of all the top level user stories for the project in JSON format:
curl -u “user:password” “″

2. List of all the top level user stories for the project in XML format:
curl -u “user:password” “″

Timesheet and email notification defects fixed

2014 March 3
by Neera Agarwal

This weekend we released many bug fixes in AgileWrap.

Timesheet Defects – Fixed

1. While using ‘Export to Excel‘ feature on Track>>Time tab, AgileWrap displayed Notes field data in multiple lines when special characters were found in the Notes field. We fixed this issue and now Notes field data is displayed in only one line in the Excel file.

2. Project drop-down filter on Time tab showed all the projects accessible to user even if they were not timesheet enabled. Now AgileWrap shows only ‘Timesheet enabled‘ projects in the project drop-down filter.

3. In the Project drop-down filter we changed the entry for ‘No Project‘ to ‘Non Project Work‘. ‘Non Project Work’ include activities like holidays, paid time off, meetings, admin etc. When user selects ‘Non Project Work’ entry in the project drop-down filter, Timesheet report now shows all the non-project related activities grouped under the same named keyword.

4. AgileWrap did not refreshed Timesheet report data when a user selected filter values having no time entries. Timesheet grid data is now refreshed appropriately.


Blank email notifications for Outlook users – Fixed

5. Blank email notification for Outlook users is now fixed. Outlook users were getting blank emails in the following cases -

  • When user is an owner of a user story and somebody changed status or blocked status of that user story.
  • When user is a reporter of a user story and somebody changed owner, status or blocked status of that user story.


Sorting order of defects not retained – Fixed

6. After sorting defects on Track>>Defects tab, if a user edits a defect using Edit Defect link on top right, the sorted order of defects in the grid is now retained.

New Filter in User Story Page, Improved User Story Export and more

2013 October 13
by Neera Agarwal

This weekend we released following enhancements and bug fixes.


1. Now you can filter stories in user story page by  new “View By” Filter. It has 3 options-

a) All open User Story.  This is default option. Shows all stories in New, Defined and In Progress status. Does not show stories in To Verify and Accepted status.

b) Non Accepted User Story. Shows all stories except Accepted stories.

c) All User Stories. Shows all stories.

2. Improved “Export” in User Story page. Added tag column to the export.  Entities like “ ” are now filtered from the description field.

3. Improved help on “Is Active” field on New/Edit Team Member Page. In AgileWrap, to delete a team member you have to make him/her Inactive.

Defects Fixed

1. Set Up >> Team Member Page: Filtering for “Active” team members was not working. It has been fixed. Only admins see the Inactive (deleted) Team members in the list.

2. Backlog: Editing a row in some cases showed updated row data in wrong columns of grid. This has been fixed.

3. Attachments: If uploaded files had spaces in names, on downloading the file name after space was being ignored. This has been fixed.

4. On Track>>Defects page, sorting by priority is reset after a defects is edited using Edit Defect link on top right. This has been fixed.

Enhancement and Defects fixed

2013 August 18
by Neera Agarwal


View comments and attachments in Edit Screens

Now you can view all the previous comments and all the attachments for the story, defect and task directly in the edit screens for Story, Defect and Task. You can also open the attachments directly from edit screens.

Defects fixed

Following defects were fixed in this release.

1. When there is one single task (not related to a story and iteration) but related to a Release only , the task does not show in the ‘Release Tasks’ grid in the Release>>Items>>Tasks tab. If there is more than one task, the first also don’t show. Only the others. This task shows in Track>>Tasks tab.

2. Sometimes, backlog page shows items with duplicate ranking.

3. Spent hours are not adding properly on Sprint backlog page.

Major Performance improvements

2013 August 18
by Neera Agarwal

1. Today we launched performance improvements for User Story and Backlog pages by reducing database calls.

2. Last week we made changes to our  cloud infrastructure to improve overall AgileWrap performance.

We saw at least 50% improvement in page loading times. Our team is working on more performance improvement changes which will be rolled out over next few weeks.

Rest API Enhancements and Bug fixes launched.

2013 August 6
by Neera Agarwal


1) How to get the projects that belongs to particular user ?

Answer: We have added parameter auth_login_email. It will give list of all projects that the user is authorized to.

curl -u “″

2) Whenever I request for tasks details, I can get details of tasks other than updated date and time of the tasks. How can I get the updated date and time of the tasks through API ?

Answer: We have added ‘change_date_time’  to the task details returned by the API.

Bugs fixed:

1) When I try to update the task (see example below), I am getting “You can specify only one of parent_story_id,release_id, and iteration_id” response.

curl -u “″ -X PUT -d “name=Prepare logic to automate the process”

Answer: This was a bug. It has been fixed.

2) Is it possible to get all tasks that belongs to particular user story ? In agile wrap document I can see its possible and the format we need to follow. But when I try to retrieve the tasks belongs to particular user story id, I am getting empty response. But I can get all the task belongs to iteration/release/project ID.

Answer: This was a bug. It has been fixed.