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Enhancements and Bug Fixes

2014 April 27
by Neera Agarwal

Along with many new features this week, we have released many enhancements and bug fixes in AgileWrap.


  1. On Track>>Sprint tab, we have added a link for ‘Go to Active Sprint’ on the top right. When you click on this link, AgileWrap will take you to Items tab of currently active In Progress sprint.
  2. When you log in, you will see a new popup that shows information about new release. This popup will only be displayed once  for the first time you log in after a AgileWrap release. You can click on the new release link on the pop-up to view more detail. We will continue displaying new release announcements on Login page also.

Defect Fixed

  1. On Home>>ToDo tab, you can now filter your ‘To Do’ by  Project from the column filter for Project in the grid.
  2. On Home>>ToDo tab, you can now select valid entries for Release column filter on the grid.
  3. On Plan>>Backlog tab ‘Reset Backlog’ error is now fixed. If you filter product backlog using ‘Group By’ and you try to rank items using ‘drag and drop’ feature, AgileWrap will now ask you only once to reset the backlog.
  4. On Plan>>Backlog tab, row level refreshing is fixed for user story and defect. When you edit a story or defect using Edit link on top right, AgileWrap refreshes only a single row in the grid.
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