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Improvements in Release Tracking

2014 April 27
by Neera Agarwal

We have added many new features and usability improvements for sprint and release tracking in AgileWrap this week. This is the second blog post on improvements in release tracking.

A release usually comprises of multiple sprints. In AgileWrap you have the flexibility to define a release with multiple sprints or no sprint at all.  If you launch a new release every week, it may be worthwhile to schedule user stories (and known defects) in release backlog directly and track its progress.

You can track the progress of a release on Track>>Release>>Items tab. There are three sections available on this tab: Release Sprint, Release Backlog and Release Tasks.

  1. Tracking Sprints for Release
    Release Sprint section shows progress metrics for all the sprints belonging to a release. You can click on a sprint name and view detail. We did not make any changes to this section in this release.
  2. Tracking Release Backlog Items
    Release Backlog section contains user stories and defects that are scheduled directly in the release. You can track release backlog progress using similar features that are added for sprint backlog tracking as in the above blog post. For example you can track progress using View filter, Column filters, Group By, Add Task, In-line editing etc.
    We will enhance this section in the upcoming releases to allow you to create Release Notes report directly.
  3. Tracking Release Tasks
    Release Tasks section allows you to view and track progress of tasks and defects belonging to this release. AgileWrap shows here tasks that belong to the user stories directly scheduled in the release. The grid has all the features added for Sprint Tasks in the above blog post. For example you can use View filter, Column filters, Group By, Include Defect, Add Task, In-line editing etc. to track the progress of release tasks.
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