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Usability Improvements in AgileWrap

2014 March 9
by Neera Agarwal

We have addressed usability improvements in AgileWrap release this weekend.

Hovering over top-level menu enabled

1. Now you can view second-level menu entries when you hover over the top level menu. So you do not need to ‘click’ on a top-level menu item in order to view all the second level menu entries belonging to it. This was a popular feature request from our customers.

AgileWrap menu






View Backlog items with same ‘Group By’ criteria upon revisit

2. Now you can view product backlog, iteration backlog and release backlog items ‘grouped by’ the last criteria used upon revisiting the pages. This feature is implemented on the following pages:

  • Group By entry is now saved on Plan>>Backlog page. 
  • Group By entry is now saved for the grid on Track>>Iteration>>Items page.
  • Group By entry is now saved for the grid on Track>>Release>>Items page.
Product Backlog

Product Backlog

Iteration Backlog – View items by the priority in the order of importance

3. When you sort iteration backlog items by Priority on Track>>Iteration>Items tab, you can now view items by the order of importance of priority (not alphabetically sorted).

We will be releasing more usability improvements in next few weeks.

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